Statement for Legatum Institute to mark the 31st anniversary of the Iranian Revolution

For most outsiders, the name of Iran evokes images of nuclear weapons, Holocaust denying surreal dictators with beards. For us, who have had the privilege of being in Iran, knowing Iranians and witnessing their suffering first hand, the images in our minds are of an amazing people with an amazing heritage and culture. When we cry for a Free Iran, that is what we are screaming for! What we dream is an Iran that is a true reflection of her own people! An Iran that is no more associated with disappearances, extra-judicial killings, incommunicado detentions, and arbitrary use of power! This we want, not for our selves, but for Iranians, who are muted, caged and overpowered by an oppressive regime! We cannot stay indifferent and distant to the calls for help from millions of people in Iran! What is at stake here is not simply challenges to foreign policies or diplomatic games for national interests! What we face is a humanitarian crisis with a human face and cost! Join us, scream as loud as you can, cry, pray, protest for a Free Iran! Nor for us, but for Iranians!