Kohelet, my play returns to stage in Istanbul

I am thrilled to announce that Kohelet starts its second season in Istanbul at the Caddebostan Kultur Merkezi from October 9 and onwards. Last theatre season, the play had attracted nation wide media attention and warm feedback from the audiences.

The play tells the story of a Turkish professor, Ahmet, and his wife, Sevgi. Ahmet is a US educated, well respected academic who lectures literature in Istanbul. He has a television show and a daily column at a newspaper, and is a best selling author. However, after a tragic loss, Ahmet questions the value of all that he has achieved and learned in life. While researching for his new book, he stumbles across Ecclesiastes (Kohelet in Hebrew) in the Bible and duly agrees; meaningless, everything is utterly meaningless!

Ahmet's wife too silently mourns the seeming loss of the couple's love for each other, as Sevgi is convinced that Ahmet is having an affair with a research student. A mundane visit to their house by Sevgi's new friend Sirin and her businessman husband Alp pushes the couple to a breaking point. When the news arrive that the research student has committed suicide, the past and the present, fears and jealousies and whatever was kept hidden comes out of their closets. Although it eventually becomes clear that the student has survived the suicide attempt and that it has nothing to do with Ahmet, the events of the night usher the couple to a journey of questioning and rediscovering the value of their love.